About Us




Seal Glove Manufacturing, Inc. is a family owned business with a proud past and a promising future.  Since 1906, Seal Glove Manufacturing, Inc. has been a pioneer in the glove industry, striving to give our valued distributors excellent service, quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. 

Mr. Seal established William E. Seal and Co. in 1906.  William Specht Jr. was hired in 1954 and purchased the company in 1961.  In 1970, the company reached a new benchmark becoming Seal Glove Manufacturing Inc.  After 44 years of immense growth and success due to William Specht Jr., the company still remains a family owned business.

Seal Glove continues to be your number one single-source supplier with a knowledgeable staff that provides personal attention, dependable and devoted service. Our cost effective, quality hand protection solutions, which our customers have come to expect and deserve over the past century, have remained at the forefront of our focus.  Our 100+ years of success comes from nothing less then our enduring reliability, honesty,  and integrity. 


Thank you for choosing Seal Glove for all your hand protection needs and solutions. 


William A. Specht, III, President